About: Dragon Realms Hack

Dragon Realms Hack

Hack Features :

- unlimited gold
- unlimited gems
- unlimited Heroic Packs

- online mode support!
- no jailbreak required!
- 100% undetectable
- works with iOS(iPhone or iPad)/Android

How to use our Dragon Realms Hack iOS :

- Download the hack (link below)
- Start the Dragon Realms Cheats
- Connect your device via USB cable and wait untill the Connected information will be displayed by application
- Select Dragon Realms cheats options and features wchich you would like to use
- Press ‘Start’ button, wait a moment (application must replace some variables – it takes a while)
- Enjoy the hacked game !





If you have any problems with file try redownloading it.

Dragon Realms is a new RPG developed by GREE. The company has gained recognition by launching popular mobile games such as Knights & Dragons, Kingdom Age, Modern War, and Monster Quest. These games have received positive feedback from both critics and gamers for developing compelling RPG and strategy games on iOS and Android. Similar to Knights and Dragons, Dragon Realms throws players in a world of swords and magic, progressing through battles while building up their characters. Unlike their previous game, Dragon Realms immerses players in a more visceral experience, providing a darker atmosphere than the prior counterpart. Upon launching the game for the first time, players will need to complete a tutorial before the game actually begins. The tutorial walks through some high-level important aspects to the gameplay, lasting about 5 minutes. Once the tutorial is complete, players will receive $13 worth of rewards including premium hero’s summon x2, 1, 5000 gold coins, Sm. Energy Potion x3, and sSm. Stamina Potion.

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